Company Profile

VTT Manufacturing Corporation, first started as a sole-proprietor under the name, VTT Marketing, established in 2008, by the individuals who was looking for things that will make their private home more secure for their family. The idea of distributing it to market comes when the prices of the wooden products increase rapidly, so the company decided to offer alternative that looks and functions better. The company primarily involved in the wholesale and importation of quality hardware and construction materials. Through continuously growing the company is now a corporation. The products that the company is offering are steel doors, HDF door; exhaust fan, shower enclosure and etc.

The company is committed to continuously providing innovating product that would help the Filipinos live in a worry-free environment. The company ensure the quality of the products that are being imported have the certification of the international standard like the UCS, and ISO 9001 quality system certification.

The company strives to provide affordable and quality product to the clients and believes in the values of satisfying the customer needs. The company provides custom made to satisfy individual requirements of the customers adapting to different specification type and style according to customer’s requirement.

Increasingly focus on developing customer specific solution building around the base products concept in order to supply the customer with the products required.


Our vision is to be reputable brand on making quality products to enhance the live of the Filipinos. By developing integrated products base on the customer’s needs.


To expand continually and provide quality and innovative product to the market.