This product provides security to the user. The features that the product has are fire proof, sound proof, high security machine lock and many more. Unlike wooden doors which are more expensive and won’t last very long due to change of the climate in the Philippines.

The good thing about this product is that you don’t need to hire people to furnish the door, because it is a complete set including the door jam. Some feature includes robbery proof, sound proof, heat & moisture resistance and powder coated. It is a wonderful alternative for wooden doors as main doors and it can help the company cut cost. The product being offered is also finished products or ready to use there is no need for additional jobs, such as paint job or requirement of accessories.

This product is made from textured HDF, skillfully handcrafted, graving design and film squeezing to give you good functioning. It is guaranteed resistant against the tough effects of our local climate. This is due to its anti-distortion and non-cracking; the product will not become distorted or split no matter in wet or dry area.

It comes in complete set, without color difference and outstanding surface feature, such as oil stain and soiled spot can be removed easily with a wet cloth. Some of its feature includes: non-toxic, Anti-distortion, non-cracking, moisture resistance and many more.

HDF door is internationally recognized as the environmental friendly and healthy product, it has a very gorgeous design, superb stability and instant installation. The product also is already furnished it is also stronger than the wooden doors being used today. Choose from our 7 unique designs, each panel can be constructed according to your specification.

The value of door

  1. No need for lacquering and products in complete set facilitate easy decoration for you: VTT Panel Door adopt imported lacquering-free Boing film on their finishing coat, thus simplify construction procedures furthermore home decoration design. VTT enables you to enjoy a easy convenient and happy home decoration.
  2. Advanced equipment guarantees the quality of products important equipment used in VTT Doors such as shaped thermo compressor and CNC processing center are all imported from countries like Germany, Italy, and the US.
  3. Each wood door has to go through more than 20 precise procedures such as feeding, drying, graving, and film squeezing.
  4. Anti-distortion and non-cracking- the doors will not become distorted or split no matter in dry or damp area.
  5. The doors comes in complete set and without color difference, this is because the doors are made of same material and same technology to avoid color differences.
  6. With an outstanding surface feature and easy to attend the surface of the door is fire retarded, anti-scalding, resistant to soil corrosion and impact. Any oil stain and souled spot can be easily removed with wet cloth.
  7. VTT doors can be custom made to satisfy the requirements, using digital engraving technology can make products with different specification type and style according to your requirement.
  8. Environment-friendly and healthy;lacquering-free material is used to avoid the harm of toxic gas in paint MDF board adopted is internationally recognized environmentally friendly material with high quality.
  9. The door fame adopt the same method enables a quick installation and construction thus save lots of time money and labor.

Wood Plastic Frame

This frame and the casing are made of wood plastic combination arterial. Coated by PVC. The color is the same as the door leaf color.

One Complete frame packed in one carton, but not assembled including two and a half pieces of door jamb (frame base board) and five pieces of door casing and rubber seal.

Door Frame Structure

The Door casing can be adjusted by 40mm, so when choose the frame size please confirm the complete well thickness first.

Standard Frame

The frame baseboard is made of plywood (or finger jointed wood) and the casing is made of MDF (plastic wood), coated by PVC.

Door jamb width: 100/140/180/220/260/300mm

The door casing can be adjusted by 30mm, so when choosing the frame size please confirm the thickness first.


LT10J LT10J-610 2150X100X25 1000X100X25
LT14J LT14J-611 2150X140X25 1000X140X25
LT18J LT18J-612 2150X180X25 1000X180X25
LT22J LT22J-613 2150X220X25 1000X220X25
LT26J LT26J-614 2150X260X25 1000X260X25
LT30J LT30J-641 2150X300X25 1000X300X25


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